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Monday, February 13, 2006

Rowan to Jonathan: you've got it all wrong

Friday 10th February. Make It Up with Jonathan Day.

The Archbishop, bless him, continues his attempt on the world record for number of directions faced simultaneously. He has now written to the Chief Rabbi to reassure him that when we said disinvestment we didn't really mean disinvestment and of course we're all desperately concerned about terrorism even though we didn't feel it necessary to mention it in our resolution.


'No-one in the Synod would have an instant’s sympathy with any such hostility to the Jewish people or the State of Israel as such'

and indeed,

'I must repeat that no-one in the Synod would endorse anything that could even appear to endorse terrorist activities or anti-Semitic words or actions. But there is a real concern which we hope our Jewish and Israeli colleagues will help us address honestly and constructively.'

I'm not sure exactly how many hundred delegates attended Synod, but I'm impressed that the Archbishop knows them all so intimately. Or is it simply inconceivable - and certainly unprecedented - that these nice, well-meaning Christians should harbour anger and hatred towards Jews in their hearts?

Melanie Phillips calls the letter weaselly. Terribly uncharitable of her, but you might like to have a read anyway.

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