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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Father Andrea Santoro, priest and martyr

“Here, there is a world dear to God,” Father Andrea wrote in his newsletter Finestra per il Medio Oriente (Window on the Middle East) right after his arrival in Trabzon. The purpose of the publication, which eventually went online, was to “gather from this land the many riches God gave it and send from there to here the riches God created over time, so that we can interact with each other on human, spiritual, cultural and religious levels, enriching each other’s life, and counter the hatred, threats and war that are too often visible on the horizon.”

This was always his goal. “Open a window that would allow Western and Eastern Churches to exchange gifts, rediscover the sap that flows from the Jewish roots into the Christian tree, encourage a genuine and respectful dialogue between Christianity and Islam, and enable him to bear witness with his life and feelings, above all through prayer, the study of the Holy scriptures, friendships based on listening, talking, simplicity, his sincere believing and the way he lived.”

Every so often some commentator affects to see no moral distinction between suicide bombers and Christian martyrs. Some of them are even paid to write this stuff.

For anyone suffering genuine difficulty on this score, this may provide some helpful clarification (via CaNN).

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