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Thursday, June 08, 2006

They have no choice

'It should come as no surprise to anyone that suicide bombers in Iraq are Palestinians ("Iraq: the face of the enemy", 7 June). Israel's security wall is forcing them to export themselves to another arena to fight in this ridiculous "war" against terrorism being waged by the donkeys who lead us in the West.'

The Islamist hate sheet from which I have extracted this pearl of great price is not al-Grauniad, so of course it can only be the Daily Fisk. The writer is Jenny Tonge, member of the House of Lords, sometime member of the Liberal Democrat front bench, sometime guest of Christian Aid in Gaza, and by now clearly several votes short of an overall majority.

UPDATE 12 June

This letter hits the nail squarely on the head, and suggests there is hope for the Lib Dems even after they sacked the leader who sacked Tonge:-

Sir: The chief responsibility of a sovereign nation is the defence of its own citizens. If, as Lady Tonge asserts (letter, 8 June), the security wall being erected by the Israelis has forced suicide bombers to "export themselves" to Iraq, then clearly, for the Israelis, the wall is working. I can think of worse ways in which the Israelis could have protected their people.

Nowhere in her letter could I find a condemnation of the atrocities committed by suicide bombers in Iraq, even though their victims are mainly Muslim, and include those Iraqis trying courageously to build a liberal democracy as opposed to an oppressive, bigoted theocracy.

Menzies Campbell may have confirmed the place of the Liberal Democrats in the progressive, liberal centre of British politics through a rethink of the party's economic policies. But as long as he tolerates the hijacking of foreign policy by the likes of Lady Tonge then the Lib Dems will never be trusted to play a part in the government of this country.


For the record, this was my effort, but I'm glad it was Cllr Casey's that got published:-

Sir: Critics of Israel's security barrier have often seemed indifferent to its effectiveness in preventing suicide bombings. Now Baroness Tonge (letter, 8 June) breaks new ground by making it plain that she objects to it precisely because it is effective in excluding the bombers, thereby 'forcing' them to murder Iraqis as surrogates for Jews. If nothing else, she has reinforced the case for the abolition of the House of Lords.


Anonymous said...

So Jenny Tonge sees this as a restraint-of-trade issue.

Cyrus, I'd be glad if you updated this post with any reactions you come across from the MSM. It would be interesting to know whether she can spout malicious drivel like this in Britain nowadays, and not be challenged on it.

Cyrus said...

Paul, the Indie's printed a couple of decent letters - though there's also one from a Labour MP peddling the 'we must respect Hamas's democratic mandate' line. Plus another care in the community case suggesting a moral equivalence between killing al-Zarqawi and killing Tony Blair.


I'll keep a look-out for anything else, but with al-Zarqawi dead yesterday and the World Cup kicking off today I doubt if Baroness Tonge is uppermost in the MSM's minds.