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Monday, January 22, 2007

A Modest Proposal

How's this for a scheme? In the interests of helping curb violence by Muslim fanatics, all proselytism by Muslims should be banned in countries where they are in a minority.

The mere suggestion could probably get you arrested in Britain these days. But don't worry, it's not my idea. It comes from a conference on inter-Islamic dialogue which has just concluded in Qatar. Speakers included our old friend Sheikh Yussef Qaradawi. AFP reports:-

'The participants also said "Shiite proselytization in Sunni countries or Sunni proselytization in Shiite countries" should not be allowed.

'Leading Qatar-based Sunni cleric Sheikh Yussef Qaradawi on Saturday denounced what he described as "attempts to convert (Sunnis) into Shiism" in countries that are predominantly Sunni.

'"It is not permissible for a sect to try to spread in a country that is dominated by the other sect," he told the conference.'

I think the logical implications are pretty clear, aren't they? No Muslim proselytism of any kind to be allowed in non-Muslim countries! A bit of a blow to ideals of religious freedom, I grant you, but grounded on principles so irreproachably Islamic that those affected by the ban couldn't possibly object. Cheers, Yussef, where would we be without you?

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