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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Julius Hirsch: a German life

[source of facts (in German) here]

7 April 1892 Julius Hirsch born in Achern, Baden

1902-1933 member of Karlsruhe football club

1910 plays for the Karlsruhe side which wins the national championship

1911-13 plays for Germany

1912 member of the German team at the Stockholm Olympics

1914 plays for German champions Fürth

1914-18 serves in the German army

1933 Hirsch's membership of Karlsruhe football club is terminated in conformity with Nazi racial laws - he is Jewish

March 1943 murdered at Auschwitz

1999 the DFB (German FA) finally restores Hirsch to its roll of capped players, from which his name had been removed under the Nazis

21 January 2007 a sports stadium in Berlin is renamed the Julius Hirsch Stadium in a ceremony attended by Hirsch's grandson

26 January 2007 the UN General Assembly adopts a resolution condemning Holocaust denial. Iran rejects the resolution.

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