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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Baghdad pet market bombing: a statement

We, the undersigned, reaffirm our solidarity with the Iraqi people's liberation struggle, and salute the latest heroic blow struck against the forces of imperialism. We deeply regret the suffering unavoidably caused to innocent animals, but we insist that the responsibility be placed fairly and squarely where it belongs - with the mass murderers Bush and Blair. Blair's so-called 'concern' for animal welfare has been exposed as the totally hypocritical sham it always was.

It's time to kick out the Zionist apes and pigs who cynically pit species against species! Only then can the Iraqi people regain the control of their own destiny which they enjoyed under the leader so disgracefully murdered last month, in place of the farce of 'elections', and ensure that the rights of all domestic animals are fully respected.

George Spartoway and Osalma bin Spart, RESPECT
Kim Jong Spart, LoseStop the War
Hugo Spartez, North London Vegans Against Imperialism
Saddam al-Spartawi, Gaza brigade, Animal Liberation Front

(OK, it's not very original, but I need a little rage therapy every now and again)

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