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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A mixed bag

... from the Indie's letters page.

1. A Palestinian so deep in denial that he thinks it worth while to try to defend Baroness Tonge:-

'Even if the barrier could be proved to have temporarily reduced the number of Palestinian reprisal attacks, it is hardly a basis for lasting peace between the two peoples.'

Well, lasting peace would be a fine thing, and maybe one day Hamas will decide they want some of it. But meanwhile, Israel must do its bit. Lay out the welcome mat for those bombers!

2. More evidence of Israeli dastardliness: they deal with their moonbat problem by exporting them to Britain...

'As an Israeli born and bred I was brought up to believe that the Palestinians/Arabs are our sworn enemies who have to be defeated on the battlefield.'

How on earth could anyone, circa 1947, have come up with such a bizarre idea?

3. A wise and level-headed British Muslim:-

'Muslim communities have a right to ask questions, but they must stay calm and engage in real dialogue with the police to understand the rationale behind the raids.'

- on a day when the paper is working flat out to milk the last drop of victimhood from the Forest Gate raid. 'I just thought: one by one they're going to kill us' says Mohammed Abdulkahar. An unpleasant thought in a very unpleasant situation, but of course he was actually wrong. They didn't do that because it was not what they intended to do. If it had been, that would of course mean that the British police are as bad as the terrorists they are trying to fight. As Dr Mohammed Ali understands, they are not. Can he and others like him communicate that to those whom Mr Abdulkahar typefies?

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