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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cogs in the machine

'Little green footballs' was overdue for a place on my blogroll, and there's no time like the present, to show a little bit of solidarity with author Charles Johnson following his receipt of a death threat (info via Melanie Phillips).

It's doubtless purely coincidental that the offending message apparently emanated from the office where a leading British Muslim spokesman works. It has occurred to me, however, to wonder whether I too may have been honoured with a missive from the same source. True, I have neither been threatened nor had onanistic tendencies attributed to me, but a stylistic analysis does suggest distinct similarities. And the concern to out me as, like Charles, a well-oiled cog in the Zionist propaganda machine is very much of a piece with MPACUK's take on the lgf affair...

'Zionist Blogs too, are too well researched and co-ordinated to be the work of individuals. No part time nut could watch every minute for any slip by a Muslim group as vigilantly as they do. Most probably they are part of a well funded central network. They are another weapon in the growing armoury of the Zionist machine that is deployed against the Muslims.'

What is to be done?

'We need volunteers and most of all we need money.'

Well, they could certainly use some help.

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