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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Using the I-word

The Beeb keeps us updated on the fight against 'extremism' in colleges. Funny, isn't it, an extremist always used to be an extreme something-or-other, like an extreme socialist or an extreme nationalist, but now we have extremists who are just extreme nothing-in-particulars wanting to kill us in the name of goodness-knows-what. Anyway, it's state-approved.terminology, and the Beeb scribe does his/her duty to the Party.

Just once, though, he/she forgets him/herself and lets slip that dangerous, offence-giving I-word:-

'It [the government's set of guidelines] also mentions dissident Irish republican groups, as well as some racist and fascist organisations.'

Yes, indeed, we've still got to keep a careful eye on what those Paddies are up to.

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