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Monday, February 02, 2009

Nurses, not cretins

We need help from the Dawk on this one. The Holocaust-denying bishop isn't a problem. That's obviously typical of what religion does to you. But what about the kind of person who would want to suspend a nurse for offering to pray for a patient? How do you get that smallminded without any assistance from theism, for Almostcertainlydoesntexist's sake, Professor?

I for one am in need of all the prayer that's going and should the occasion arise would be delighted to be prayed for by any nurse, be he/she Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist or Zoroastrian. Is there some kind of card I can carry to make my wishes known? Would that appropriately promote diversity and equality?

A final and very serious question for anyone who's after my vote: who will give me a National Health Service where I pay for nurses and not cretins?


Anonymous said...

I would be grateful to have a nurse to pray for me, what has happened to our country/

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Not sure it's small-mindedness, rather a terminal stupidity and blind following of the PolCor goddess.

As for choosing where your taxes go - oh well, we all can keep dreaming ;-)