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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Teach us how to pray

On a completely different tack from usual (and to show that I don't spend all my time being grumpy...), here's a blogger plugging a truly wonderful book about prayer. Do yourself a good turn today, get onto Amazon and order it!

You might also enjoy the theological worldview quiz to which the same blogger links here. Much to my astonishment it labelled me an 'Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan' - a nice thing to say about a middle-of-the-road Anglo-Catholic! Bearing in mind that this came a close second to 'Roman Catholic' even for practising left-footer Mr McEvoy, my suspicion is that the quiz may be ever so slightly rigged.


Steven R. McEvoy said...

What do you mean by left footer?

Mr Grumpy said...

It's British slang for a Roman Catholic, I don't know why. Not meant to be at all pejorative!

Steven R. McEvoy said...

Ah just wondering, I had a British high school teacher who always just called me a "Mic" - Irish Catholic!