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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jessie James, 15, Christian martyr

"Jessie was cornered, pointed out and intimidated at every opportunity. He was coerced and compelled to join the gang.

"He refused to choose but they said 'If you don't take sides there is going to be nuf blood around here'. Three weeks later Jessie was a dead man.

"Time and time again up until his death, Jessie humiliated the gangsters to their face by saying no to the gang.

"This infuriated the gang and because they could not stand Jessie, Jessie's rejection, they killed him."

Ms Reid said she had no fears for Jessie's safety before his death because he was a humble, likeable boy who had no enemies.

She added: "Jessie was brought up in the church, he knows right from wrong, he had a choice, he took that choice and now he's dead."


OK, I'm jumping the gun by assuming we've got an accurate picture of the circumstances. I'd just like to think, though, that if the authors of The Dawkins Delusion, Against All Graylings and Hitchens Is Not Great have read about this they are feeling at least a fraction as humbled as I am.

'The noble army of Martyrs praise thee'

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