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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Three letters to the Guardian

'All democratically elected governments have both the right and the obligation to defend its citizens. At least one-third of Israel's citizens have lived in bomb shelters for more than three weeks and face the threat of indiscriminate rocket attack from Hizbullah. Many Israelis have died as a result of these attacks.

'Actions that may be justifiable, may not always be wise. We ask the government of Israel and the IDF to ensure that, in pursuit of the right to defend Israelis, the loss of innocent lives is truly kept to a minimum so there will be no repetition of the Qana disaster.

'We also urge the application of as much fervour and intensity to finding a diplomatic solution to the Lebanese crisis, if not even more so, as is being applied in the pursuit of a military one.'

- from Peace Now-UK's letter to the Guardian. Spot on. Compare and contrast with the preceding letter, with its revoltingly hypocritical victim pornography. Recall that the writers apparently had no problem with 'We are Hizbollah' placards being waved on the 'peace' march which they organized. 'We are Hizbollah' = 'We like to murder Jewish children'. It's not only Jews who agree with the writer of the third letter who are 'clear and very angry'.

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