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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fisking Fisk

Sorry about the light posting, I have no more credible excuse than writer's block pure and simple. I've got about fifty posts buzzing around in my head, but the little buggers just won't come out.

Fortunately others are showing unimpaired creativity. Here, for instance is Scott of the Ablution fisking the increasingly deranged Fisk (I use the word 'increasingly' advisedly, extraordinary though it may seem):-

'So now we know. In the extremely unlikely event that the terror plot ("Terror what, I asked myself?") is real, the motive lies with the "violent problems and injustice and suffering" in Pakistan, Britain and the Caribbean, and not in the least with any religious basis. And all of us - especially the Metropolitan Police, who are busily dealing death there instead of arresting Israeli generals as they should be doing - are to blame. For Robert Fisk tells us so.'

Read it all - magnificent stuff.

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