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Sunday, December 07, 2014

The Story

One of the reasons why my posting here has dried to barely a trickle is the debilitating sense of déjà vu, or déjà dit to be more accurate. Can there conceivably be anything new to say about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

That is why I want to direct you without further ado to a piece by a former AP man in Jerusalem. It puts flesh on the conjectures I've made throughout my blogging here by giving the inside story on the reporting of the conflict in a way that I find eminently sane and credible. Crucially, he portrays the dynamics of the symbiotic relationship between media and NGOs.

Cardinal Nichols "took time out" from a pilgrimage last month to visit the 150 remaining Catholics of  Gaza. While he was there he also found time to talk to ITV News and the Guardian. And so it goes on.

To the best of my knowledge the cardinal has never set foot in Iraq or Syria. Possibly he fears he would not be welcome. Did he stop to ask himself why that wasn't an issue in Gaza?

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