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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Loonies of the Catholic persuasion

What is the perennial and irresistible appeal of anti-Semitism to nutters of just about every description? As Damian Thompson reveals, the Catholic lunatic fringe is no exception to the rule.

'The SSPX is currently negotiating with the Vatican about returning to full Communion with the Holy See', Damian tells us. That's nicely phrased to spare his blushes - he, like me, being a big B16 fan - but of course the verb 'negotiate' is reciprocal. You can't be negotiating with someone who isn't negotiating with you. Let's hope and pray that the Holy Father doesn't disappoint us, but takes a tough line. He may have some sartorial tastes in common with these people, but does he really want them on board so long as they're spouting this poisonous nonsense?

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