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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Was your research really necessary?

A couple of gems from the social scientists.

Item one:-

'Social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace are unlikely to help users build close new friendships, a researcher said Tuesday.

'This is because people feel they need face-to-face contact in order to develop trust, said Doctor Will Reader, from Sheffield Hallam University.'

Well, duh, as everyone seems to be saying lately.

Item two:-

'People are willing to dish out more dough to live in neighborhoods with others of the same race and education level, a new study finds.'

Yes, right across the board: both white and black, both the college-educated and (this, I admit, is perhaps not a total 'well, duh') the non-college-educated.

Rich neighbours are popular with everyone, though. Furthermore...

'Those with higher income, as well as a higher education level, also were willing to pay more to live in a neighborhood served by better schools, a factor that could lead to exclusion eventually of lower-income families from "good" school districts, the researchers stated.

'"Our estimates suggest that the improvement in a school's quality would disproportionately attract more highly educated households to the neighborhood, in turn making the neighborhood even more attractive to higher-income, highly educated households, and raising prices further," Patrick Bayer of Duke University and his co-authors said in a prepared statement.'

Who'd have thought it? Well, OK, maybe not the zealous egalitarians who gave Britain its comprehensive school system.


Anonymous said...

Yet more homespun wisdom from those with Doctorates in Stating-The-Bleeding-Obvious!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Huldah here stole the words out of my piehole...

Yep, more scientists could not be all bad if you consider the global warming - to use one example.