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Monday, July 23, 2007

Christian Aid and the Holocaust deniers

They're at it again. 'They' = Christian Aid, 'it' = spinning for Hamas, for 'again' see this. See Roy Hasan's letter here.

As a taster of the organization which Mr Hasan wants to see 'engaged' in an 'inclusive political process that can resolve the current crisis and forge a renewed drive for peace', here's Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al:-

'I want to make it clear to the West and to the German people, which is still being blackmailed because of what Nazism did to the Zionists, or to the Jews. I say that what Israel did to the Palestinian people is many times worse than what Nazism did to the Jews, and there is exaggeration, which has become obsolete, regarding the issue of the Holocaust.'


If you watch the TV clip you'll see Mash'al refer to Islamic scholars who, unlike the obliging Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, caused 'great embarrassment' to Hamas by their refusal to endorse 'martyrdom operations'. Shame on them, and I trust none of them have ever been invited to London as honoured guests of Ken Livingstone.

Update: it doesn't look as if I've struck lucky with the Indie this time, so here's my response to Roy Hasan:-

Sir: When Roy Hasan of Christian Aid (letter, 20 July) supports the view that Hamas are entitled to be involved in negotiations, are we to understand that he regards the existence of Israel as negotiable? Churchgoers whose generosity and hard work keep Christian Aid going are certainly entitled to know that they are helping to fund advocacy on behalf of an anti-Semitic terrorist organization - as Hamas remains, however many people have voted for it. I wonder how many do not know.

Yours faithfully...


Anonymous said...


The BBC has also been giving airtime to people who currently engage in advocacy for Hamas.

Alistair Crooke of the Conflicts Forum
was given a 15 minute essay spot last week in order to advocate engagement with Hamas. The Hamas Charter didn't get a mensh, natch.

And I received a(nother) apology from the Beeb over the Sunday programme's failure to inform listeners that the 'Professor of Politics' giving such a sanguine picture of Gaza's future was none other than Crooke's co-founder of the Conflicts Forum, now Director at the Centre for the Study for Ethnic Conflict, Beverley Milton Edwards.


Conflicts Forum identifies Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood and Jammat-e-Islami of Pakistan as the "four pillars of political Islam."

According to Conflicts Forum, "they all support democratic elections, reforms and change within their own societies."

But, according to Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, not quite the sort of benevolent change which Milton Edwards envisaged.

Of course, none of this will matter to the people at Christian Aid or the BBC, whose beginning and end is suffering of Palestinians.

And we all know who's responsible for ALL of that, don't we?

Cyrus said...

'Conflicts Forum will, through the course of this program, bring together American, Canadian, British and European economic experts and policymakers with their counterparts in the Arab and Islamic world including representatives from Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, Turkey, North Africa and Pakistan.'

Guess who's not invited. 'We're talking about you, not to you'.

Thanks for the comment, Huldah, very informative.