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Thursday, June 07, 2007

All jews together

'All jews together in a cosy little nest,makes you feel good yeah?'

- the comment posted by someone identifying himself as Mr Barnett of Stein am Rhein, Switzerland, on an article in the Times by Irwin Stelzer supporting President Bush's choice of Bob Zoellick to head the World Bank. At the time of posting it has disappeared, but it was up for at least a couple of hours earlier in the day. Methinks somebody in the comment moderation department needs a little extra training in recognizing racist morons.


Anonymous said...


Three weeks ago I wrote to Ruth Gledhill of the Times about blatantly anti-semitic comments to an article by Mary Ann Sieghart on Israel.

She kindly forwarded my email to one Brigid Callaghan, online editor of the Times. The comments were removed, but I had also requested information about the procedures used for moderating comments prior to posting. Callaghan has not replied.

Might I suggest that you and others see whether you get more luck.

Her work email address is

Cyrus said...

Huldah, thanks for the suggestion. I've duly written to Ms Callaghan.