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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sir Patrick Moore, gender warrior

It must, in at least one respect, be a glorious thing to be an 84-year-old national treasure. You can say what's on your mind without giving a fig for PCness. The BBC's going down the toilet, claims Sir Patrick Moore, and specifically down the Ladies' (or the Female, as we, but certainly not Sir Patrick, prefer to say these days).

Mind you, his proposed solution is as PC as you could wish for. As a TV-watching bloke he feels oppressed and marginalized by the diet of mind-rotting trivia, and like every oppressed minority this one is entitled get its own facilities. So roll on BBC Bloke!

It's a scheme that has potential benefits for women too. Just consider Radio 3. Radio Bloke 3 could inherit all the Vienna Phil CDs, whilst Radio Girlie 3 would be free to have Dame Ethel Smyth as Composer of the Week as often as it liked, thus making classical music accessible to the countless women who feel excluded by the current patriarchal bias. Truly, a win-win scenario.

Better stop there, I might offend somebody.