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Friday, May 19, 2006

The wandering Jew

'We don't need a Jewish state. There needs to be a Palestinian state. Jews can, and have, lived anywhere, so a Jewish state is not necessary.'

Errh, yes, and I believe they've done a bit of dying too at various places and times. Whereas Palestinians are presumably constitutionally incapable of living anywhere other than their own patch of earth.

The quote is from Mordechai Vanunu, who's been given a 'hero of our time' write-up in the New Statesman by the Guardian's Chris McGreal.

Says McGreal, he 'is still widely regarded as a traitor at home in Israel.' Can't for the life of me think why that might be.

Stephen Pollard has more.

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Anonymous said...

Readers of this site might be interested in this blog by Irene Lancaster of Manchester University, which deals with many of the sort of issues Cyrus covers.

Her blog is rather like Adloyada, with the added spice that she has regularly been consulted by the BBC for contributions and comments on their religious broadcasting (which is based in Manchester, and for which she has short shrift!) Here's a representative sample of her work.


Interesting that she's commenting from a position of knowing the BBC editors and that she's an advisor for Anglicans for Israel which is linked on this site

Definitely worth a visit