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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hurrah for Michael Gove

Bush whacking

What’s wrong with us in a nutshell. A series to be continued. Item one. Iran sponsors terrorism, and its leadership is pledged to the elimination of another nation. It’s trying to acquire a nuclear weapon. Its leaders explain that the Holocaust never happened. But, never mind, they’re going to make good where the Nazis left off by obliterating the Jewish people. Meanwhile, the American President asks his top team what can be done to stop this. And then the entire media-political consensus allocates their time not to analysing Iran but to worrying about what America might do. Moral? The key to being respected in British life, when faced with any tough question, is always blame George Bush.

Not content with this piece of good sense, Michael Gove uses his Times column to deliver a fulsome tribute to the country and city from which I write:-

Any attempt made to engender understanding of, or affection towards, Germany gets my vote. Given a choice of any other European nation in which to holiday, I’d choose Germany every time. Better wine than Spain. Nicer countryside than France. Richer culture than Italy. My top suggestion for any weekend break would, unhesitatingly, be Berlin.

The man's judgment is impeccable. If ever I come to rest in the Surrey Heath constituency I might even break the habit of a lifetime and vote Tory.

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