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Friday, November 04, 2005

Weasel words

'Only last month, the port city of Alexandria saw some of the worst sectarian disturbances the country has ever seen.'

This is from the BBC's 'Arab affairs analyst' Magdi Abdelhadi, comenting on the Egyptian government's attempts to rein in the Muslim Brotherhood's inflammatory rhetoric (read it here).

Let's run through those 'sectarian disturbances' again, shall we? As reported by... the BBC. A Muslim man stabbed a Coptic Christian nun. Then a couple of days later 5000 Muslim extremists tried to storm a Coptic church, and in the course of pitched battles with the police three of them got themselves killed.

But I bet the nun was acting really disturbingly.


Diogo said...

About your post - 7/7: Remembering and Forgetting

London Bombings - from fictional to real?

See the two-minute video clip available here.

Anonymous said...

It is time, I think, for people in Britain to realize that nearly all that your press, print and broadcast, prints regarding Arabs, Islam and the like is disconnected from reality. Which is to say, you will never learn anything suggesting any faults with Muslim, with Arabs or related to Islam. Now, I am not speaking of slandering people or a religion but of at least obtaining a realistic understanding of people with a very, very different culture and of their religion. Instead, you will hear the voices of reporters and university scholars with political, economic and other connections such that they would not be caught dead providing useful information.

As I write,the very, very early stages of a great cultural change is occuring all over Europe with violence to become the norm, for many, many years to come, in Europe. As you watch towns in France burn, consider that this is the future of Britain as well. And what is rising will be demands and further demands from an ascendant, confident, albeit poor, Islamic minority that is growing and growing both in numbers and in the ability to affect society. And, appeasing people who act with religious zeal leads only to more demands. Which is to say: the issue is not simply poor people in need. The issues will be shown to involve status and resentment and hatred by many disafected Muslims for the European societies they now reside in.

My suggestion: everyone in Europe should be required to read scholar Bat Ye'or's book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis. While the book has some faults and seems - if you had been away on holiday for the last 5 years - a bit paranoid, there is plenty, nonetheless, to chew on and learn. Which is to say, there is more to learn and a better explanation for what is occuring to your continent than anything I have read since 9/11. Or, in simple terms, you really do have something to fear as the forces unleased by the Euro-Arab Dialogue are almost certainly, at this point, irreversible while accomodation will almost certainly bring your freedoms to an end.

It is a very, very sad time.