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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

ACC resolution defended

The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion issued a statement last week in response to criticism of the Anglican Consultative Council's resolution on the Palestinian/Israel conflict (read it here with my brief and caustic comment). Essentially it retreats into a position of 'more prayerful than thou' rather than engaging in kind with political criticism of a political decision. If you think that's unkind, read what Melanie Phillips has to say...


Anonymous said...

The first link (here) doesn't seem to work?

Pastorius said...

Hi Cyrus,
Here's a link regarding the Presbyterian Church's decision to pressure corporations they believe are aiding Israel's "persecution" of Palestinians.

Cyrus said...

It does now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyrus,
I know you posted this a while back but I just got back from holidays in Turkey and Israel.

I thought the first paragraph of the response was disgraceful. In a nutshell: He was saddened by the Jewish response for not understanding the depth of sadness they experienced when they heard (about one-side) of the tragedy.

Absolutely heartening though to read those comments in response.