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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pressureworks update

From the current lead story on Christian Aid's student website, Pressureworks:-

'Standing defiantly in front of the battered remains of a small building in East Jerusalem, Israeli human rights activist Angela Godfrey-Goldstein holds up her phone and clicks the shutter. Within seconds an image of the partly demolished home arrives in the Pressureworks inbox.
Angela is part of a new project designed to let people on the ground in troubled areas show you how history is unfolding before their eyes.

'The project

Last month we gave three mobile phones equipped with cameras to people in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT): two in the West Bank and one in the city of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip.The idea: to document daily experiences in the OPT as the attention of the international community is focused on Israel's 'disengagement' from the Gaza Strip.


'The first act we’ll be documenting this way is the ongoing demolition of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, including the impending demolition of 88 homes in the Silwan area. The Israeli city’s government says it must tear the buildings down to make way for an archaeological park, but such a move could leave more than 1,000 Palestinians homeless.Over time, there will be other issues, and we hope that the phones will provide a real connection to what is happening in the occupied territories.'

Can't see any snapshots of the aftermath of the suicide bombing at Netanya a fortnight ago, or of Sharm al-Shaikh. Not much defiant standing from the victims there.

Hits from a search of Pressureworks for 'Mugabe': still zero.

If you're still reading at Christian Aid, I have a simple question. Why?

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