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Monday, July 26, 2010

A radical anti-Zionist writes

'Ah, yes...yet another fluff piece in favor of Jewishness. Mr. Luther was not alone in his beliefs that Jews are inherently bad. Maybe people should look into the matter before passing judgement. Even today the Jews continue to subvert Christianity, control the flow of money in any/every manner. They are indeed the children of the Fallen One. Good grief, just look at how many of them are in positions of power, yet their population is a drop in the bucket of "humanity". I myself am not religious, as I refuse to assimilate to the dogma of fools.

'The Jews were expelled from Spain (as one example)well before Hitler.

'Look at Bernie Madoff...a Jew stealing from mostly Jews, and from the "goyim" but we all know how Jews feel about non-jews.

'For fuck's sake, wake up!'

(a comment left on this old post today; I suspect it may not get through the moderation process)

No doubt the writer will face the usual kneejerk charges of anti-Semitism from the Neocons, but let us hope that the power of the Lobby will not be able to silence this brave voice. What have we come to if you can't criticize Bernie Madoff without being accused of anti-Semitism?

1 comment:

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Anti-Semitism? Come on, Cyrus, the only question is to which unit of the united anti-Zionist front the guy(or girl) should be assigned.