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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The romance of the murderer

'I hate the fact that we are all under pressure to repent. I have long dissociated myself from the RAF, as early as when when I was in England. However, we are stigmatised for our lives. For many people it is just black or white - there is nothing in between. Those who died in Stammheim were people who committed inhuman acts not because they were criminals, evil or monstrous, but because they could not endure the unfairness and oppression of this world.'

You kill because you are fascists, we kill because we care. The definitive voice of romantic leftism: Astrid Proll, 61, still doesn't get it.

The RAF aka Baader-Meinhof made this unfair and oppressive world a little more unfair and oppressive. That's all. There's still time for Ms Proll to read Albert Camus' The Rebel.

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