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Thursday, March 06, 2008

What It's All About

I can't do elegies, and my local churchyard was once a country churchyard but no longer. Never mind. While wandering through it today, my eye was caught by a small gravestone beside the path. It bears the inscription 'Treasured memories of Darren X' (I won't give the full name).

A hackneyed phrase, perhaps, easier to inscribe on a stone than in a heart? Wait - the grave is immaculately tended, and in the vase in front of the headstone there are fresh flowers. And there are dates on the stone: one in July 1968, one in August 1969. The treasure is treasure indeed.

One of the questions which could be asked is where God was on that day in August 1969. It's a fair question, of course, and I can't get much beyond answering that he knows and I don't.

But there is another question: why were there flowers, and what do we do with the Why? Do we do our best to explain it away? Or do we fall on our knees before it as before the Mystery of Mysteries?

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