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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did the earth move...

...for you too?

Fascinating that you apparently had to be in a very specific part of town to feel it. Our fourth-floor flat in Berlin used to shake regularly when a heavy lorry drove past, and for a second or so I thought that was what was happening. Then I realized what it must be. I'm a bit of an earthquake veteran, you see - I experienced what I guess must have been the 1990 Bishop's Castle quake. That was, as I remember it, just a single jolt. I was sitting at my desk at work (in South-West London), looked round to see who had given my chair a shove, and there was nobody there. This time I was a lot closer to the epicentre, and the room was shaking from side to side for a good five seconds as if a giant hand had taken hold of the building.

No damage done, but some people nearer the epicentre weren't so lucky.

Frau G slept through it, and was distinctly unimpressed when I woke her up to tell her about it.

Personally, I blame the gays.

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