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Friday, January 18, 2008

Round things that roll along the ground 'could ease transport problems', says minister

Just time for a small discharge of irascibility on a randomly selected topic...

Would you believe it? Assessing skoolkidz through coursework encourages them to cheat.

So thank goodness Skoolz Minister Jim Knight is on the case...

"Last year, we asked the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority to look at making GCSE coursework more robust and reliable.

"As a result of the QCA's report, we will be removing all GCSE coursework from maths and stipulating that in other subjects, coursework must be supervised in classroom style conditions.

"We will work closely with teachers to develop even more effective and reliable coursework assessments."

So that'll be 'even more effective and reliable' than not effective and reliable at all, then.

You get marks for coursework in maths GCSE? Since when? Why?

More about the advent of 'controlled assessment' here. It looks like we're really not that far from the scenario where you hand over your books and gizmos, sit at a desk, with Teech at the front making sure you don't talk to anyone, and commit to paper whatever you can extract from between your ears. All we need now is a somewhat snappier name for this revolutionary new approach. Something beginning with 'e', perhaps?

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