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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ncube: please invade us!

The reasons why this is probably not a runner are to obvious to need enumerating, but it still seems extraordinarily significant that he said it at all.

Easy to say 'you must be joking', as some of the commenters have duly done (among them a South African from whom we would welcome a suggestion as to when his own government may find time to subject Mugabe to a mild ticking off), but then what can the rest of the world do to help? Any bright ideas from the academic boycott brigade?

Africa's top brass are gathered in Accra, where they are talking about Col. Gaddafi's plans for a pan-African government. Saith the Beeb, 'There are fears the issue will push the crises in Zimbabwe, Somalia and Darfur off the agenda.' So the debate is after all serving some purpose, then... Reasons for being less cynical about the AU gratefully received.

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