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Friday, June 22, 2007

Totally sickening

Latest news from the Most Evil Country In The World.

Socialist Workers Party spokesperson Deirdre Spart, Professor of Moral Gymnastics at the University of Bognor Regis, said 'we in the SWP and Respect are totally committed to the struggle against this sickening homophobia which is so typical of fascist Israel, and we'll be out in force at next year's Pride march in Gaza'.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cyrus

I've never lived in the UK and rarely if ever had an opportunity to read the satire/lampoon publication Private Eye, but a cursory internet search seems to indicate that Dave and Dierdre Spart are either real names or pen names used by writer(s) for Private Eye in the 1970's and early 80's who Aidan Rankin in an article for The Spectator described as:

"chillingly accurate mock-Trotskyites, whose slogans could well have been lifted from the Socialist Worker."

Besides that there is no "University of Bognor Regis", which is a seaside town in England. There is a University of Chichester close by, but no Dierdre Spart is listed as faculty there.

In other words, the quote about being "out in force at next year's Pride march in Gaza", appears to be sheer satirical invention.

But perhaps you knew all of that.

Cyrus said...

So you're suggesting I've made this up, huh? What kind of imperialist scum are you? Be advised, if Comrade Deirdre catches up with you you can expect some of this treatment.