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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Prejudices on parade

'Counter-terrorism police in the West Midlands today foiled a suspected plot to kidnap and torture a British Muslim soldier before beheading him live on the internet, Iraqi-style.'

Read the rest and repeat after me: there is no clash of civilizations.

Oops, I've already drawn down on myself the ire of Damian of Manchester, who comments:-

'Shall we try not to leap to conclusions and let the facts become known or is that just a crazy idea?

'After that we should all feel free to parade our pathetic little prejduices and "gems of wisdom."

Until then, I can't help thinking that some of us may be jumping the gun a little'

Fair point. It is, after all, entirely possible that the plods have made the whole thing up in order to scare away any other young Muslims thinking of a career in the military. I look forward to hearing from Damian again when more facts have emerged and he has had time to work out exactly how it is All Our Fault.

OK, pathetic little prejudices duly paraded. Diiis-miss!

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