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Monday, October 16, 2006

Demonstrate against Al-Quds Day

The upgrade seems to have been reasonably painless. It will have at least one benefit for you the reader, namely a subject index - compilation to begin soon.

A date for your diary if you happen to live anywhere near Berlin. Next Saturday (21 October) will be 'Al-Quds Day', when friends of the regime in Iran will take to the streets to demand the destruction of the state of Israel. As last year there is a counter-demonstration, an initiative supported by politicians from all the main parties from the Christian Democrats to the Left Party - details here. Hopefully this time I'll remember to take my camera.

Also as per last year, there's an Al-Quds Day march in London (on the 22nd), but apparently no counter-demo. Wake up over there!

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The SecularProgressive Movement has
succeeded in creating a moral void.

The 'Moral Compass' is nearly gone
in the EU, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
is eager to fill the vacancy with
his Ancient Kill-Culture, and his
Ayatollah wants Nuclear Capability.

See CBS 60 Minutes Interview with
Prez Ahmadinejad...our latest Post.

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