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Monday, July 10, 2006

Comrade Steele again

The massacre of 40 Sunnis in Baghdad is of course an appalling crime. But it's funny (and I don't mean ha ha) how this immediately 'revives fears of civil war' and sets Comrade Steele fretting about 'sectarian pogroms', whereas the massacre of 66 Shias last weekend passed - like scores of similar incidents - without any comment from him. Well, the Sunnis were killed by a 'rampage', which is presumably much. much worse than merely being blown up by a bomb - and in any case Comrade S. was far too busy last week talking the Israeli offensive in Gaza up into a terrorist outrage (so far the only deliberately murdered non-combattant has been an Israeli teenager) to spare a thought for victims of the legitimate resistance struggle in Iraq.

In the post I linked to on Friday, Eve Garrard writes 'It's hard to avoid the conclusion that Mr Steele's opinions about how to respond to political violence (and indeed about how to describe it) are entirely dependent on whether the violence in question is being practised by the side he supports.'

And it keeps getting harder.

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