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Friday, April 28, 2006

Un-kosher Flying Objects

The inexorable colonization of Tibet - and I don't believe the Chinese have ever offered the Tibetans a two-state solution. Stand by for divestment and boycott campaigns in the Association of University Teachers, the Church of England, the Green Party of the United States, etc., etc. Hey, just a moment - what's that I see outside my window?



Anonymous said...

Disinvestment is rearing its racist head at Synod again in July.

The excellent are encouraging supporters of Israel to lobby their local Bishop and Synod members.

CFI UK are also encouraging Welsh and Scottish supporters of Israel to protest against various lunatic statements made by "Christians" in those Churches. Some Church of Wales grandee is reported as having said that if he were born Lebanese he would join Hizbollah.


Anonymous said...

Damn. Why can I never get the hyperlink tags to work properly!!

CFI UK's link is