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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Neil Berry: an apology

A fortnight ago I posted a piece suggesting that one Neil Berry, author of several anti-Semitic articles published in Muslim and Arab media, was also Treasurer of Christian CND.

My source for this was in fact wholly mistaken. These are not one but two Neil Berrys. The fact that it crossed my mind at the time to wonder whether this might be the case, and that I gave the source the benefit of the doubt because I was in a hurry to post before spending a week off-line, compounds my offence, and I hope the lesson I have been taught by this will not be quickly forgotten.

I add my voice to the unreserved apology offered by Harry's Place to Neil Berry of Christian CND. The accusation of anti-Semitism is not one to be made lightly, and to face it simply because one has the same name as someone else is appalling.

To the Neil Berry whose published opinions remain clearly anti-Semitic I apologize for the error of fact and for any distress he may feel over the association with Christian CND.

And to the citizens of the blogosphere I apologize for feeding you a crap story.

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