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Friday, January 06, 2006

Tonge on Kennedy: payback time

I genuinely don't know whether Charles Kennedy should stay on as leader of Britain's Liberal Democrats. However, today's news has reminded me of one occasion when he did exactly the right thing...

Or rather, one version of the news reminds me. Full marks to the Independent for this:-

'Lady Tonge - who was sacked by Mr Kennedy after voicing understanding of Palestinian suicide bombers - warned that he risked "destroying" the Liberal Democrats if he stayed on as leader. '

No marks to the Beeb...

'ex-frontbencher Lady Tonge accused Mr Kennedy of using an "underhand" strategy'

... or the Grauniad...

'Baroness Tonge - who served in Mr Kennedy's frontbench team in the last parliament as MP Jenny Tonge - said the leader was "in denial" about the extent of his difficulties and said she was "disgusted" by his behaviour'

...or the Times...

'Jenny Tonge, a Lib Dem peer, bluntly suggested he was now as useful as a "one-legged Tarzan"'

... for quoting her Ladyship without mentioning the circumstances in which she left the front bench.

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