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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

The thoughts of President Ahmadinejad:-

'They have created a myth today that they call the massacre of Jews and they consider it a principle above God, religions and the prophets.'

So, something to look forward to in the New Year: a Holocaust-denier with nuclear weapons, and well within striking range of Israel.

At al-Grauniad Jonathan Freedland is just about the only columnist left who is prepared to say what needs to be said here. Let's hope this will be enough to set some alarm bells ringing in Grauniad-readers' heads.


rcc_kukur said...

Does it really matter what comes out of the mouth of President Ahmadinejad? We know he is a paper tiger - a few stand-alone nuclear bombs mean nothing - Iran doesn't have the necessary equipment to deliver those to Israeli soil.

Israel has a huge stockpile of nuclear arsenals, powerful missiles and also powerful anti-missile technology. I think Mr. Ahmadinejad and his advisors know all these facts - so what is it then - it's just noise - empty noise!

However, we also should consider the thing that our moral commitment to the survival of Israel should not blind our eyes to the fact that Israel is degenerating in a continuous basis! In Israel also people are moving more by magic that by logic!

Anonymous said...


It is rather late in the day for Mr. Freedland. Nonetheless, the question now is whether he will follow through on the logic of his new-found sobriety and realize that his basic understanding of things involving the Muslim regions is simply wrong or, as is more likely, he will return to being an apologists for people with genocide and war on their minds.

One does not need to become a Bushy to realize that what passes for opinion in The Guardian and The Independent primarily obsfugates reality regarding the Muslim regions and serves as intellectual cover for Jew haters and, I might add - since hating Jews is only part of what is on the Islamist political agenda -, Christian haters.

As the Iranian President said, the Muslims and Christians have fought for centuries. The Muslims have, over the last hundred years, been beaten down by the West but that condition will not last. And destroying Israel, as he said, will send a message to the West that places the West back on the defensive and helps Islam re-capture lands in Europe and elsewhere.

Cyrus said...

In fairness to Jonathan Freedland it's not the first time he's written good stuff on these issues. You're not confusing him with the truly appalling Jonathan Steele, are you?

In response to the first comment, I sincerely hope you're right about Ahmadinejad, but... Once there was a man who wrote a book saying that all his country's and the world's problems were caused by the Jews and it was time they were dealt with. Pretty much everybody thought he was a paper tiger. He surely couldn't come to power with such crazy ideas, and even if he did he wouldn't really act on them.

Anonymous said...


I know that Mr. Freedland has written some good things. However, he is not very consistent and appears more often than not to wear rose colored classes.