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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Al-Grauniad strikes again

A stunning scoop from Harry's Place. Showing it has learnt absolutely nothing from the Dilpazier Aslam affair, the Guardian must surely now be considered lost to the cause of liberalism. Or to anything that could meaningfully be described as democratic socialism.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there Cyrus!

Sorry to pick up something that was said on your earlier correspondence with Engage, but I just couldn't let it lie!

'The West' has produced Nazism, Fasicsm, colonialism, racism - etc.'

Um, I hope that whoever wrote this was not a history lecturer.

Colonialism was alive and well in the time of your great namesake Cyrus. And Islam was not slow to pick it up from the 6th century onwards as Arabs spread out in all directions subjugating mainly Christian lands in the name of Islam.

Likewise, racism was alive and well in Egypt as Hebrews were subject to genocide and boy babies were killed. Why would the Israelites have been pressed to treat "the alien in your midst as a native born" if racism had not been alive and kicking at the time?

The principles behind National Socialism were born, I believe, in Sparta, although the Nazis looked to Viking myths for their immediate examples. Etc Etc ...

Self hatred and self abnegation,as reflected in the quote above, are the marks of a dhimma society, a society of non-muslims graciously permitted to exist as a distinct entity by their (muslim) conquerors. The price for their permission to exist is second class citizenship, continual obsequiousness to their oppressors and the constant fear of attack without recourse if they dare to protest.

This is what Engage will not recognise.