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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Useful idiots

Thanks to Pastorius for the link he gives in his comment on my last posting: Martin Peretz's New Republic article 'J'accuse Episcopalians, Presbyterians et al.' - a good read on the background to ECUSA's anti-Israel posturing.

Does anyone else remember coming across 'The Socialist Sixth of the World' by Hewlett Johnson, the 'Red Dean of Canterbury', in second-hand bookshops? Browsing through it I came across a phrase which has stuck with me ever since: he says he was struck by 'the complete absence of fear in the faces of the people' - he is talking about his visit to Stalin's Soviet Union! The conjunction of good intentions and hopeless gullibility is a well-established tradition within politicized Anglicanism.


Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog may be interested to read Melanie Phillips' comments on a statement of clarification on the Anglican Church's recent decision to penalise Israel for defending herself against Islamic terrorism. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to contact the Presbyterian Church, they can do so here: